I have been on my minimalism journey for seven years and I currently live full time in a travel trailer. Exploring minimalism has been the best thing I have ever done for myself. It can seem had to know where start, but just trying one of these thing can be your first steps down a new path.

Try a no buy week

This one is my favorite because in theory, requires no effort, but can be one of the hardest. Other then the necessities, do not go out and buy anything for 7 days. Use things in your house you already have, when you feel like going to target instead call your mom, play a board game, go on a walk.

Donate a bag of clothes

Donate a bag of clothing. Try wearing out items that do not get a lot of use, if you don’t like wearing them- donate them. If you have clothes that don’t fit, get rid of them. Have a night in with a mini fashion show for your dog.

Find multiples and ditch the extras

Look for multiples of things you own, especially in kitchenware. You know that pesky drawer and cup holder of utensils. You don’t need four can openers and ten spatulas, I promise you. This one is a great one to try first because it literally frees up drawer space before your own eyes.

Eat through your pantry

Try and plan some meals around using through what you already have in your pantry and fridge. Say you have a massive bag of rice, plan to make some stir fry. Grocery shopping and cooking can be an easy place to get in a rut with buying and holding on too much stuff. It is a fun place

Sell something

Post something for sale. If parting with stuff is hard for you, I understand. Seeing another person’s excitement in their “new” item will motivate you to continue getting rid of things you don’t use. I used to have like 80 plants, parting with of any them seemed impossible. By selling them or giving them away as gifts, I was touched by people’s excitement and it was easier to minimize.

Join a Facebook Group on Minimalism

Okay, I understand this is number 6, but I started an awesome group about Minimalism on Facebook: Aspiring Minimalists. My members are awesome, supportive, and they continue to inspire me every single day. It is a great place to start.

Let me know which ones you tried and let me know how it went!


Photo of me in in Mackinaw city with the sunset over Lake Huron. You can read about my time in Michigan.

2 Replies to “5 Simple Ways to try Minimalism”

  1. These are workable ideas for those of us post depression children who can’t throw usable things away!!! Here are some good starters. I have not bought anything except a music book for my lesson this week and I usually end of grocery shopping every other day and my freezer is full!!! New refrigerator freezers seem to be different and not good like the older ones so I may just throw some food out from it…ideas? (on things in the freezer:)

  2. I like the idea of not buying anything for 7 days, I’ve decluttered, gave clothes and kitchen goods to Goodwill, but this will be the hardest for me. But, it’s the main reason I’m interested in this way of life

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